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edrecovered's Journal

A Place for the RecoverED
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There are lots of places on the web--on LJ and off--for men and women suffering and recovering from eating disorders. This, in contrast, is a community for those who have already gone through the process and consider themselves stably recoverED.

It is a place for people who have won the same kinds of battles to meet and get to know each other, and a place where they can share concerns, rants, thoughts, and musings on eating disorders and related issues, both their own experiences and the rest of the world's.

Pro-ED talk will absolutely not be tolerated, and all members who engage in it will be banned immediately. Also, please refrain from using numbers of any sort and other kinds of triggers, and do not post pictures. Members who break these rules will be warned the first time, then banned. We've recovered, but we're human and therefore vulnerable! The focus of this community is NOT numbers or behaviors; it is ideas and feelings.

When you join, please introduce yourself and say a word or two about your experiences. Joining and remaining passive is okay, but we'd rather you make yourself known!

The moderator of this community is follies: all questions, comments, and concerns should be directed to her.

Full recovery IS possible. Some of us live it.